About Me

I am a mid-western girl (born and raised) living in the suburbs of Chicago with my better half of the past 24 years Jim, our two Australian Shepherds (Smokey and Sophie) and cat Isabella.

Growing up I spent my summers at my Grandfather’s basketball camp in Three Lakes Wisconsin and for most of my life my family was fortunate to have this place “up north”. This was the place where as soon as you pull into the driveway you take a deep breathe inhaling the fresh air and exhaling all your stresses away. It was where you were happy to just sit and listen to the sounds of nature, the water rippling on the shore from the waves of a passing boat, the call of the loons, or the bullfrogs singing at night in the swamp. A place where you can just be.

A few years ago, after my Grandfather passed away, my family sold the place up north. No longer having a “soul feeding” place to always go, Jim and I started looking for other places to go to get away from it all. We’ve developed a pattern throughout the years. In the dead of winter we start talking about where to go during the summer and then at the end of summer we’re in need of a place to go in the Fall. Our destinations are always nature inspired. Sometimes a National Park or Mountain Range, or the countryside for a quick weekend getaway. We always seek to find places where we can just sit outside and watch the wind rustle through the trees or places that we can drive around explore and take in the natural beauty of the world.

Over the past few years, we have visited many beautiful and interesting places and have amassed hundreds of photos that have, until now, been sitting in various digital spaces and some occasional Facebook posts.

Kenai Lake, Alaska
Kenai Lake, Alaska
Smokey and Sophie
Smokey and Sophie
Isabella - RIP 1999 - 2016

Journey Be – Get Inspired

My goal for this website is to create a place for people to get inspiration for their travels or who just need a dose of nature. In addition to my photos I will be sharing stories our journeys, along with research tips for how to choose nature inspired destinations for your own journey.

I hope you enjoy!

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